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True Power Can Only Come From Within You...

Which means YOUR power can never be taken away but only GIVEN away.

So many times in my life I have arrived at a junction of whether to do what I want or what is asked of me. How frustrating is it to fight your own ideas especially when those ideas have come from your own natural abilities. You have authentic ideas because you are designed uniquely to express your own fingerprint energetic frequency.

I have loved numbers even since I know how to walk. I find numbers are beautifully harmonising all that is in the present. More precisely mathematical models beautifully guides our senses to experience every moment authentically even the way we learn to walk. In university, I have explored to understand this statement deeper by studying James Clerk Maxwell's partial differential equations on electricity and magnetism. Today, as a simple yoga practitioner and instructor, my practices and my class plans embodies all of what I have experienced above guided by an even deeper curiosity into the electric and magnetic energetic fields, that is the affect of gravity on our mass and electricity in our nervous systems as well as fascial network.

Put it simply, your unique inner power will eclipse EVERYTHING just as the solar eclipse reaches its intended expanse.

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Apr 17


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