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Shahda Yoga Courses

True Balance

15 hours yacep accredited

Shahda Yoga Programs

You're invited to experience a unique and personal practice with me, Era, the creator of Shahda Yoga Sustainable Practice Techniques from Koh Samui, Thailand. 

  • 15 hours of yoga over 3 days

  • All levels are welcome!

This program is designed with great care and reflects the diversity of students whom I have taught over the years. Workshops are designed with modifications to meet and challenge you at your level of practice. Every workshop breaks down through lecture, practice, demonstration, and integration. 


If you have practised with me before, beginners and experienced practitioners, you know I've got you!

Places are limited, so please confirm your attendance with payment at the following link

(early-bird price for purchases before July 15th, 2023):




In this program I will be introducing two key concepts that I have applied in my day to day practice for many years, CompressLift and Applied Flow.


CompressLift is a term I use to describe a core stabilising technique to my students. It is the mindful activation of a group of muscles to support the spine. Three fundamental layers of awareness we will dive into are:

  • CompressLift I: Anterior and Posterior Body (Front, Back)

  • CompressLift II: Lateral Bodies (Left side, Right side)

  • CompressLift III: A combination of I and II (All sides)

The application of CompressLift techniques in a vinyasa practice is what I define as Applied Flow.

  • Applied Flow I: application to a vinyasa flow practice with Arm Balances and Inversions

  • Applied Flow II: application to a vinyasa flow practice with Arm Balances, Inversions, Twists & Binds 

The above two concepts expand our awareness to witness an Internal Flow. A term I use when referencing the five "winds" or energetic forces - Vayus.


CompressLift has two main benefits especially in a vinyasa practice where there are many repetitive mechanics:

  • stability along the spine for the smooth functioning of the nervous system

  • space in the joints throughout the body as the body is lifted at the heaviest part

Lightness in the body makes way for the breath to flow freely thus transforming each asana and the transitions from one asana to the next into an experience of peace and liberation in mind, body and spirit. An experience of true balance!

Recommended readings:
  • Yoga philosophy


  • Yoga anatomy - fascia


  • Breathing & Pranayama

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