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New Class Announcement!

Beginners online class starting 7th
March 2023!
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Shahda Yoga Techniques (Twists & Binds)

Level: Consistent Practitioner

All instructions are in mirror image unless otherwise stated.


Namaste from Samui!


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bavhantu

- may all beings be happy and free, may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to the happiness and freedom of all.




My name is Era and I am the owner of Shahda Yoga Studio in Koh Samui, Thailand.


I was born in Malaysia, studied in Australia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, then worked in Europe, Singapore and Indonesia. My life journey has provided many experiences of cultures and spiritual practices around the world. My health journey however took me to the depths of my personal spiritual practice.


My asana practice started in Singapore when I was recovering from an eight-hour abdominal surgery to remove a large and fortunately benign tumour. This took place in the midst of a successful but stressful corporate career in Singapore in 2013.


A year long internal bleeding ensued from the wound of the surgery as well as a deep physical pain whilst coughing, sneezing, walking and during just about any physical activity. Post-surgery I had gained over ten kilograms and my energy level was dramatically reduced as the consistent pain limited my movement. I attended my first yoga class 8 months post-surgery where I began to feel positive changes from the first yoga class I attended. The deep pain stopped during class and my energy levels improved. 


I continued to practice daily and completed 1,000 hours of consistent asana practice in 2015. At this point the internal bleeding stopped completely and my Annamaya Kosha renewed. Thus I began  the journey to deepened my yoga practice in Koh Samui, Thailand. In 2016, I completed a 200-hour teacher training with the intention to raise my awareness  of the mind, emotion and energetic body.


My 300-hour 2018 teacher training in Prague with the inspirational Dylan Werner was dedicated towards living a life full of love, light and gratitude. A training which has deepened my appreciation of the communication channels within the fascia network. Aligning intentions with actions, my practice dissolves limiting beliefs, whilst creating space to deepened the trust of the natural design of our body, the yantra. 


I fell deep in love with yoga with each hour of practice. I experienced the incredible rejuvenating powers of combining ancient breathing techniques with beautifully crafted yoga asanas. Today I am today stronger than I have ever been, and more importantly today, I am happier than ever and living a more creative life filled with gratitude and bliss. 


As a yoga student and instructor, I mindfully create yoga sequences to nurture as well as challenge both the Pranamaya Kosha and the Manomaya Kosha. As a witness, I am grateful to the evolution and transformations of my physical, physiological and mental wellbeing.


Love and peace is ultimately my essential self. I continue to ride the journey of life with a cheeky sense of adventure. Grounding from the core, dynamically flowing from strength to strength whilst embracing all of nature's magical gifts with humility and grace. Each day planting deep intentions towards unravelling the mysteries of the Vigyanmaya Kosha and the Anandamaya Kosha.


Whether you are an experienced yogi or yogini, or if you have never practice yoga before, all the classes taught are carefully sequenced for all levels of practice.


Yoga to me is a manifestation of the unconditional love towards oneself. There is no separation but only union with the Divinity that is within us all and the Universe around us all.


Join me at Shahda Yoga Studio, Koh Samui, Thailand where I teach every morning starting with Meditation at 7.00am and followed by a ninety-minutes yoga class at 7.30am. My class will inspire you to fulfill your whole potential and beyond. (Full class schedule)



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Details and bookings for a 6-night all inclusive program is here.

Details for YACEP program is here.

Yoga at Home

Be In Your Highest Vibration 
Koh Samui Retreat

"Reading other reviews of Era’s classes and teaching style they are so spot on. Era can instantly assess one’s needs and adapt and customise beautiful sequences accordingly. I attended two classes during my 3 day stay in the area and wish I had done more. One of the best classes I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. Thank you so much Era - you took me beyond what I thought was possible and I am very grateful to you for it x namaste x"
Victoria Boast
"Powerful dynamic core workout, lead with great poise and articulation! Her joy of life and body will leave you completely inspired to strengthened your core in everything you do!"
Tabitha Taya
"My daughter and I are so fortunate to have found you as our Yoga teacher. As avid tennis players, we tend to have tight and imbalanced muscles. It is great that you noted our issues and customized the routine to suit us. The depth of your knowledge, the care you take to ensure our poses are correct and your patience gives us a strong sense that we are in a safe pair of hands.
Thanks for sharing your passion with us!"
Shieh Yen & Michelle

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3/28 Moo 1, Fisherman's Village, BOPHUT, KOH SAMUI, THAILAND 84320.

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